日本と海外で一番違うことはズバリこれ。Culture Difference between in Japan and overseas !


Today I am going to write about “culture differences” in Japan !

As you probably know, Japan is a society that values politeness, harmony and teamwork.

That’s wonderful culture which is why Japanese people are really helpful, kind and respect to others.


On the other hand, a majority of Japanese (except for expatriate) people even do not realize how they are. Sometimes it’s too much kindness, common sense, teamwork and it’s beyond the standard. But we (Japanese) hardly realize about our society and culture as they can not measure their standard internationally. (understanding the standard throughout books or internet actually does not actually help their awareness until experience themselves.)


For example I am typing this blog at cafe right now..  A man and a lady next me are talking about their motivation at work. He seems her boss and apparently she almost cry for unknown reason.

As far as I am listening their conversation, her sales was not enough compare to last month or something which I do not care at all but it’s interesting to hear in order to somehow understand the Japanese work culture ,people’s perception towards work and work environment..


Well, I do not want to write down about their conversation but it was super stupid and meaningless contents especially his advice to her (such as a number is the truth which is shown your effort throughout your sales and promotion… blah blah,,)

Anyway, whatever the conversation they talk, it takes more than an hour (still talking..) This is reality of Japan; talking about their work at cafe over hour (probably their break-time or day off )

What a waste of time..  Most of salary man (office worker) do not go home straightaway after finished work. They straightaway go to IZAKAYA and drink an alcohol with their peer, talk about their work or whatever. Some people drink too much and vomit at train station, some people shout loudly in public, some people need to experience the night life, even if women.. It seems that Japan has many options after finished work whereas many countries in the world does not have the options. It’s quite simple in a way.

It can be true that safeness is a major concern when it comes to spending time at night (after work) in oversea but they usually go home straightaway. There is not many option like Japan. On weekend, they probably go for drink for sure but that’s not as same as IZAKAYA drinking culture in Japan. And the biggest difference between in Japan and oversea is that there is so limited vacation system in Japan. People need to consider to their peer and need to adjust their holiday. Sometimes they prioritize a company’s profit and project and hardly take a long holiday.(need to separate a period of the time). This seldom happens in oversea (as far as my experience and knowledge from my friend). As long as your holiday plan is in advance and notify to your boss, most company generally will accept it in oversea.